Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Joe Omundson

BB010: I moved into the bus

The Transfer

Three days ago, on Saturday 7/28, I emptied everything out of my minivan and into my bus.

I was stuck for a while because I felt I couldn't move into the bus until the minivan was sold because otherwise I'd have two vehicles to juggle on the streets and that's a headache; so I listed it for sale, but obviously I couldn't sell it until I emptied it of myself and all my stuff, which required moving into the bus. Something had to give so I moved into the bus and drove the minivan to my mom's house, where it's parked now as I try to sell it.

(Want to buy a minivan? Nudge nudge. I promise it'll be perfect for everything you could ever imagine...)

It wasn't pretty that first day. Well, it still isn't, but it was even more disorganized then.

 After my first sort: at least there's some room to walk around

I found one potential place to park the bus out in NE Portland, the people seem really nice and are flexible with things, but there isn't much shade for the bus and it's a bit farther out than I'd like to be ideally. It's good to have that option but I'm still looking around for other options.

Today I'm in St. Johns and I've got the bus parked under the bridge while I'm at a coffeeshop.

I did more sorting today and set up my kitchen where I think I'd like it to go permanently. I ziptied the table to the wall and velcroed my stove, cutting board, and "important items" bowl (wallet keys etc) to the table.

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