Saturday, May 5, 2018

Joe Omundson

BB005: Dump run and a video

Just a quick update today with a few thoughts.

From now on I'm going to format the post titles like I did for this post, BB005 instead of Bus Build #5. I chose three digits for the number because I think I could eventually reach 100 posts about this topic but not 1000.

I will try to make fewer updates with more content. Y'all probably don't much care to see pictures and descriptions of every single change I make! But when I reach interesting milestones or encounter unexpected challenges I'll talk about that.

Today I drove the bus to the dump and got rid of the luggage racks, the 4 bench seats, and some carpet that was on the walls. Cost $30. I also bought 3 quarts of automatic transmission fluid, but I'm an idiot because I thought the dipstick was coming up dry when really it just wasn't a high-contrast color and actually it has plenty of fluid. That cost me $23.49.

I made a video tour of the bus, just to give a better impression of the general size/shape of it, because the panoramic photos that I've been taking inside the bus tend to warp the perspective.

Cost today: $53.49
Total cost: $3006.99

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