Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Joe Omundson

BB003: Registration & seat removal

In the morning (of 4/30) I decided to go to the DMV and try again to get the bus registered. If they wouldn't let me, I'd pay for the 10 day trip permit. I prepared my talking points as I waited to be summoned: when I'd called the DMV before, the guy told me I could register it without bringing it in. Yes I measured my bus and it is 22 feet (I'd only estimated and it's actually 23 now that I measured). Yes of course it's already been rebuilt as an RV and has a permanently installed bed and stove which are not easily removable. I wasn't sure if the lady was going to buy it, but eventually she started filling out the form and I did an internal fist pump.

I hate lying and I'm not much good at it, but if it's a harmless lie and it's going to save me a lot of trouble then I might consider it. I wouldn't register my bus as an RV if I was actually using it as a business. But since its intended purpose IS as an RV, and getting it registered is an important milestone, and it'll be converted soon enough, I lied straight to the DMV lady's face. I was prepared.

Registration receipt and new license plates in hand, I went back to the bus to jumpstart it. But before I connected the jumpers I cleaned and tightened the connections on the bus battery. Got it running, pulled off the jumpers, and tested the voltage -- 14.25V -- hey, the alternator is working after all! It just wasn't making a connection. So far that's two headaches resolved today.

Drove the bus to my dad's house without issue, and he gave me a ride to bring my minivan there too. My mom came over and I showed the bus to both of them. She helped me remove the bench seats by ratcheting the top side of the bolts while I crawled underneath and secured the nuts down there. I got all the seats removed except for the 5 across the back.

The next day was mostly a rest day. My sister came to visit and I got to show her the bus. I got the remaining 5 seats unbolted. I have ads up for free bus seats, and one guy came to take a look but wasn't interested. I don't want to throw away perfectly good materials, but I can't have them clogging up my bus forever either.

Cost today: title & registration was $325.50
Running total: $3023.50

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