Monday, August 29, 2016

Joe Omundson

Hospitality in Chelan

After writing the last post, I was sitting in the coffee shop charging my phone. I had told the barista of my plans to camp out in town and she said she'd try to think of a good spot close in. After a while she came over and said she couldn't think of anything, but had talked to her roommate about it and it would be ok if I camped in their yard! So I waited until the cafe closed and went back to their house.

I spent 2 nights there, it was a good relaxing time and I rested my injured knee. Made some new friends. 3 of them are planning a PCT thru hike in the next few years, so I did show-and-tell with my gear and answered questions. Swam in Lake Chelan, played with a kitten, watched some shows. It's kind of a neat town, right on a big lake, just far enough east to be in the rain shadow of the cascades (semi arid climate) but still really close to some of the most beautiful sections of WA that I hiked through.

Soon I'm hitching southwest to Portland, kind of don't want to leave! But I'm also looking forward to the next chapters.

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