Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Joe Omundson

Beloved festival

I rode to the festival with 3 other volunteers who I found on the volunteer Facebook group, arriving on Wednesday evening at around 6:00. I was there until Monday evening. The experience was, like usual, heart opening and full of many interesting details and surprises.

I'll likely write a separate blog post about it once I've had more time to process. For now: the highlight for me is usually an unexpected encounter with a new person. The first time, it was a couple people I met in a workshop who taught me that I am seen and I am acceptable. The second time, I met Jackie and it was the start of an intense relationship. This time, I was able to explore some of my desire for physical closeness without needing to make it a sexual thing or hold on to it long term. I had a couple of cuddle sessions when I needed them most and it was lovely. I also got to spend some time with the friend I met in Moab who is from New Zealand and staying in Oregon.

After my last volunteer shift ended on Monday, I started walking down the road to the main highway and sticking out my thumb again. A guy named Seth who had been a vendor there picked me up and drove me to the coast. He was from Pennsylvania but had happened to live in the small coastal town we drove to, and he dropped me off at a state park where I was able to find some great camping. The ocean held me sonically all night and it was blissful. I have missed the vast and dynamic nature of the ocean. I'm slowly making my way up the coast to Portland again, taking some time to soak in the salty air.

This morning I got a ride to Newport from a chill guy named Ben. I'm at the library reconnecting to the digital world and charging my phone. Soon I'll go get some food maybe and then find another campsite for the night.

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