Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Joe Omundson

Life phases

It's interesting how the creative process works. I enjoyed blogging here regularly for a few months, but it seems like now I'm entering a different phase where I'm spending time doing more practical things than writing about my ideas. I tend to go back and forth between periods of absorbing and processing; taking in new experiences, and then looking back and analyzing them as a whole. Right now I'm in more of an experiencing and absorbing phase so I don't feel as inspired to write in my usual style. Posts might be less frequent, but I'm not going anywhere.

As I mentioned before I've been working on this house/property where I'm staying. Right now the main task is painting the interior. I'm doing the detail work on the cabinets and I enjoy having a project that's more on the side of requiring careful attention and an artistic approach.

I've also been working on my car. We got the lift working in the shop! I put my car on it for the first time yesterday and did some work underneath. There was a mysterious knocking sound coming from the rear suspension, which I might have mentioned in my post about the hot spring in Arizona because it started happening right after I high-centered on that road. I finally figured it out yesterday: my exhaust pipe was hanging too low, so it was making contact with the rear axle (not really an axle but not sure what to call it, it's more of a suspension bar). So with vibration under certain conditions it would make a rattling sound that I could hear through the body of the car. I fastened the exhaust higher up and the sound went away.

I also installed a 100W solar panel on my car a couple days ago; it's all wired up and working great, I just need to cut a bigger hole in the roof to make room for the small circuitry box so that it will lie flush and I can fasten it all the way down. It's a thin, flexible panel which should not impact the aerodynamics of the car much. I also decided to empty out everything from the car, tear out the 35+ year old carpet and the insulation, so that I can really get it clean down to the frame and make it nice. I'm also drilling a hole in the bottom of the car so I can bring in cool air from underneath, venting hot air out the top of the windows.

I've been establishing a social life too, I have some friends who are rangers at Arches, a cool roommate, and I know a few raft guides and other people in town. Been learning to slackline a bit. Enjoying having a home base where I can make good food and camp privately.

I have a couple more short stories I'm working on, and some other articles that will be more comprehensive, so check back for those in a while.

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